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Dirty Thirties


Your Author – MISSX

So here we are….. another night , we used to call partying….

Guess what happens.

He sits infront of his computer all night , playing games , browsing , listening to music while having a couple of drinks.

Guess what I’m doing the whole time ? Wondering …

When will he just fkn leave that thing alone and come sit and talk to me or hug me or anything really.

I can’t bring up feeling neglected anytime cause then he just assumes it’s me complaining that I’m not getting enough sex.::.

I’ve told him multiple timesit’s not just about the sex but I don’t think he believes me. Everytime I tell him he never spends time with me he says something stupid like….

Im always with you!!! Oh my god I just want to scream.

Doesn’t he get me at all?

These are the thoughts running through my mind.

He doesn’t even realize what he is doing , and oh my god the last thing I want or want to do is to tell him

I need attention or affection, which I’ve done by the way but it felt so wrong I wanted to throw up 🤮!!!

Come on guys. You can’t expect this.

We as woman get more and more bitchy the less love and affection we receive…

don’t you know this by now. Oh don’t get me started on sex….

The less Sex we get the more we don’t want to do things , say no to more things and just feel in a bad mood permanently.

I just also have to tell you that this is not intentional or done for any specific reason in this case.

The thing is most of the time , woman don’t even realize why they feel the way they do.

I have been watching and picking up on human behavior, picking up on changes that only occurs during specific dos and don’t situations and

I’ll tell you what I’ve learned.

This is something both men and woman should know.

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