Strange Days

I had the strangest day today.

So I have this habbit of drinking tequila when I have to do spring cleaning 🧽 🧹 !

The problem is , I’m a very sexual person and after having about 4 – 5 shots …. All the shyness goes out the window and well let’s just say I’ve scared 😱 people off before 😁

I love 💕 tequila but I love ❤️ sex even more!

Never thought I’d end up loving sex more then my partner. Granted his quite a bit older and I’ve hit the dirty thirties, it still doesn’t feel natural to want sex more then a man.

Tonight he fell asleep 💤 😴 and I was so horny, I tried something I’d never done before….

Believe it or not I was so in the mood for anal …. so much that I tried pleasing myself front and back. ☺️🙈

Was kinda weird but fuck it was good. He slept through the whole thing and is still sleeping as I’m writing this post.


A Woman’s Perspective

Sex and love ❤️

You’ve probably heard the saying that once your married your doomed. No more great Sex life , no more caring gestures no more spontaneity.

That’s in a woman’s case.

Most of the time you would hear one man say it to another that’s just for one simple reason.

The sex start getting less and less eventually it fades away until there is no more sexual attraction between the couple.

Haven’t you ever wondered why this is and if it can be prevented?

I don’t even know if he still notices when I shave for him.

I’ve started wondering what’s the point. Will he even notice if I stop?

Anonymous – Miss Sad