How many woman truly want to be submissive but would never admit it.

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I’m sure you have noticed how many woman all around the world 🌎 went crazy for the movie 🎥 50 shades of gray…

I can almost guarantee that no matter which audience you might be entertaining almost 😅 all of them will be into it.

The problem is most woman won’t admit to it because deep down they think 💭 it might make them seem weak.

The thing is…..

As a woman I know it’s hard always having to take control of most things on a day to day basis, however most men might think that’s what all woman want!

I promise you it’s not. Most hate the fact that they always have to think about the consequences of things ten steps ahead.

This is unfortunately something that just magically happens after becoming a mother.

We hate having to be like that!

We hate complaining all the time!

We hate always have to think 💭 ahead of time!

Don’t get me wrong most love taking control but not all the time. Especially when it comes to the bedroom.

We like being grabbed, ravished, just completely being able to give up control and not think about anything.

Most woman start hating sex because they don’t want to be the ones instigating it. They want to be wanted!!!!

You can clearly see these woman all want to be wanted. It’s so obvious I’m getting horny just thinking 🤔 about it.

Even though I have so much more to say on this matter I’m going to leave it here for now. If there is any specific questions you might have Remember you can always ask Miss

Until next time. I’ll share some awesome naughty movies you can watch with your partner without it feeling weird.

Remember girls it’s always good to get your sexual juices flowing by moving around and by feeling your inner beauty.